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Travertine Cleaning and Sealing to Restore Your Patio, Walkway, Pool Tiles, or Driveway

Many homes and businesses around Port St Lucie, FL, incorporate travertine pavers into their outdoor spaces. This beautiful and durable natural stone is porous, which means it will lose its luster with prolonged exposure to the elements. If you’re looking for travertine cleaning and sealing palm beach services that can get the job done right, look no further than Paver Sealing Pros. Travertine cleaning and sealing is the best way to protect the surface from stains, salt damage, UV damage, heavy traffic, and weather damage.

Unsealed travertine will deteriorate both in the summer and winter months. The surface will bleach in the hot Florida summer due to UV damage. In the winter, the travertine will absorb moisture, becoming susceptible to cracks due to freeze and thaw cycles.

At Paver Sealing Pros, our travertine cleaning and sealing professionals restore the appearance and color of your travertine pavers. Contact us or call +1 (561) 814-1012 today for a free quote.

Our Process to Seal Travertine

At Paver Sealing Pros, we follow a proven approach to the travertine cleaning and sealing process. Below is a look at what you can expect when we arrive at your property:

Stage 1: Stain Removal

We begin the travertine cleaning and sealing process by checking for all kinds of stains, including:

  • Oil stains
  • Grease
  • Dirt and grime
  • Rust
  • Decayed organic matter

We take time to identify each stain before deciding on how to remove them. We don’t use acidic solutions in the stain removal process to preserve your travertine surfaces.

Stage 2: Surface Washing and Rinsing

We only seal travertine tile when it is 100% free of dirt or residue. We achieve this by using neutral or alkaline cleansers to wash the area. After washing, we’ll rinse with lots of water to ensure there’s no debris or leftover soap on the surface. Leaving some residue on the surface will counter the actions of the sealer.

Stage 3: Travertine Cleaning and Sealing

Travertine is a naturally porous stone, so concrete paver sealers just won’t do. At Paver Sealing, we use water-based travertine cleaners and sealer because they are environmentally friendly. They are also best to use around wet areas such as pool decks. With the year-round humidity levels around Palm Beach FL. Lucie, water-based sealers are always the better bet.

Applying the sealer takes experience, and our technicians have the process down to a science. We apply the sealer in a thin, even layer and let it soak into the stone to maintain travertine’s natural microporous property, preventing water from getting trapped in the stone. 

Keep in mind that all sealers are not the same. We have a wide selection of travertine cleaners and sealers to choose from, including:

  • Enhancing sealers
  • Impregnating sealers
  • Natural sealers
  • Glossy sealers

We will discuss your options and guide you toward the right choice for your property.

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Tile Care and Maintenance Protocols: When to Apply Sealer to Your Travertine Floor

Let’s dive right into the heart of tile care and maintenance protocols – the crucial step of applying sealer to your travertine tile. Now, you might be wondering when exactly to seal your travertine tiles. It’s highly recommended to seal travertine immediately after installation, and then periodically thereafter, depending on the wear and tear. But why is travertine cleaning and sealing so important? Well, travertine is naturally porous. Sealing travertine pool floor not only protects but also enhances the appearance of your travertine tiles, preserving their aesthetic beauty for years to come.

So, what’s the deal with sealant for pool floor? You’ve got your natural sealers, and your enhancing sealers, each with their unique benefits for sealing travertine. A natural sealer travertine is perfect if you prefer to keep the natural look of your travertine unaffected whereas an enhancing sealer will enrich the color of your travertine tiles making them look wet and glossy like mosaics, porcelain, and glass. Your choice should depend on your desired finish and the overall aesthetic of the space. 

But here’s a word of caution: never use a travertine sealant products intended for granite countertops or quartz countertops on your travertine tiles. Why, you ask? Simply because every type of stone is unique in its composition and, thus, requires a specific type of sealant products. It’s vital to avoid any sealer residue or small amount of sealer remains as it can lead to a blotchy appearance.

In conclusion, to seal tiles is a critical step in maintaining the longevity and attractiveness of your travertine surfaces. The process includes cleaning the tile and grout thoroughly, applying the seal, and finally, letting it dry. Remember, the seal is as crucial as the tile itself, so it’s worth getting right! And now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, you can protect your investment and enjoy your luxurious travertine floor for years to come.

Choosing the Best Travertine Sealers and Stone Tile Protectors

One of the secrets to a beautifully maintained floor tiles travertine lies in choosing the seal ultimate travertine sealers and stone tile protectors. The array of options for travertine cleaners and sealer can be overwhelming but don’t fret. We’re here to guide you through the journey. For authentic travertine, a dedicated travertine cleaner and sealer works wonders in enhancing its natural sheen. If you have a travertine-stone mix, a high-quality stone sealer is perfect for that broad-spectrum protection.


Travertine isn’t your regular tile. It isn’t as straightforward as just slapping on any pavers or tile sealer. You need a robust sealer that can penetrate deep into the stone and fill its natural pores, to prevent any future staining. A quality travertine cleaner can also protect your stone tiles from weathering and wear. And for those of us in Palm Beach, FL, where the weather is as volatile as it is beautiful, this is an absolute must.


Experienced travertine cleaners, armed with precise techniques and the best sealer travertine can be treated with, will assure the maximum protection of your travertine. Applying a travertine sealer in a filled travertine, may seem like a daunting task at first. But with the right tools, a little bit of patience, and our expert advice on how to seal travertine, the process of travertine cleaning and sealing couldn’t be easier. Don’t let a lack of experience deter you from taking proper care of your granite, quartz, slabs, or travertine tiles and pavers. Once sealed, your travertine stone will look like shiny as porcelain and feel as luxurious as the day they were first installed. 


So gear up, because it’s time to seal that travertine!

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